Our Mission

Everybody deserves prosperity in their lives. Everybody has the potential to make that happen – for themselves and someone else. We are here to help you awaken that potential.

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About What We Do

Our Vision

The monetary system is sick. We believe that our relationship with money can be transformed and open the gate to a world of health, happiness, opportunity, love and peace for all of humanity.

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About Why We Are Here

Our Solution

To heal the monetary system, people need to be healed first. The four pillars of the GOLDHOUSE Foundation guide the way to a renewal of energy within yourself and the world’s economy.

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About The New World Economy

The great challenge of the Modern Age lies not in changing the world but in changing ourselves. Be the change you want to see in the world.
~ Mahatma Ghandi

Take Action

This is your chance to actively participate in changing the world. Join us in creating and investing in projects and businesses that can heal our lives and communities.

Start a project, share a life-altering idea, fund a conscious business – you can do anything. Have a look at the GOLDHOUSE’s four pillars for inspiration.

Whether you invest time or money, you are investing in the future. The future of this planet. Your future.

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